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What keywords should I use on my CV?


Think about searching for something on Google.

If you search for the word “CV” you will get results on absolutely everything to do with the word CV. Instead enter “CV Template” and you will most likely get specific information like: free CV templates to download and more.

Just like on Google, specific keywords are used by recruiters to filter out candidates, not necessarily with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), but also when searching through LinkedIn profiles, databases of CVs or reading your CV first time, they will know exactly what they’re looking for.

It’s safe to say that keywords are no longer confined to the concern of web developers and businesses hoping to rank well on Google. Keywords are now essential to the success of your CV. Lis McGuire - Giraffecvs.co.uk

The good news is that when applying for a new job, you already possess most of the required skills - but some of them are not on your CV. Why?

Your CV is too generic. Therefore it is essential to tailor your CV to the role you are applying for with the relevant skills and accomplishments.

You don't show off your skills. As a Business Developer for example, you may already assume that some obvious skills such as “Lead Generation”, “New Clients” or “Appointment Making” go with the role, but you’ll be wrong as if there are in the job description you are applying for, then you should review the context there appear in and consider adding them into your CV - see also most in-demand skills by job titles.

Your skills don't match. The skills in your CV don’t exactly match the skills in the job description. For example, you may need to change “Microsoft Office” to “Microsoft PowerPoint”.