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How To Optimise Your CV For Applicant Tracking Systems?

Choose The Right Keywords. To get past an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and be called for an interview, you need a customised CV that matches the job offer with the most in-demand skills found in the job ad.

  1. Copy & paste your CV and a job description.
  2. Select one or more industries.
  3. SCAN & add the relevant missing skills into your CV.

Key Benefits


No Cookies. No Tracking

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Unlimited Scans

Scan, Improve, Rescan your CV or Resume as many times as you need it. Subscription and One-off payment available.

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In-Demand Skills Comparison

Our goal is not to blindly highlight keywords but to match the job offer with the most in-demand skills for each jobtitle.


CV Match Score

See how well your CV match a job in 1 click with a personalised score generated by our proprietary algorithm.