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Do you need some inspiration to make a professional and catchy LinkedIn headline?

Here is a comprehensive collection of LinkedIn headlines, whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, a student or looking for opportunities.

Search for a headline, click on it and edit it to your needs. Then simply copy and paste your new headline in the headline field of your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Headline Examples

Although you can now use up to 220 characters in your headline, please keep in mind that a good portion of that length will be truncated in many places on LinkedIn - so, it is essential to put the most important information at the beginning of your headline.

You can experiment with our tool above to see how it displays on desktop when searching for people.

It's worth mentioning that "the invisible part" of your headline will still be used by the LinkedIn search algorithm to rank your profile in search results.

With that in mind, a good formula would be to start with your job title and industry, then to mention your expertise, awards or achievements and end with the keywords related to your field.

E.g. Job title + Industry + Expertise / Achievements or Awards + Keywords