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How it Works

Match Your Skills to the Job

What is CvScan?
CvScan is a FREE online job description keywords comparison tool with instant match results to optimise your CV, Covering Letter, or LinkedIn profile with keywords.

Why do I need to optimise my CV with keywords?
When you submit your application online, it will most likely be scanned by a software called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS then decides whether you have the skills for the role by matching the words you have used in your CV against the pre-selected words chosen by the Human Resources department.

These keywords are often based on the job description itself, and this is where CvScan can helps you compare your resume against a job description to determine a match rate against identified hard skills, qualifications, soft skills and other keywords it has distinguished from the job description.

How does CvScan work?
First, paste the text of your CV, Covering Letter or LinkedIn profile in the left box. Then, paste the text of the job description in the right box and press the button SCAN.

If you have any experience with the missing skills, review the context they appear in the job description and, if appropriate, add them into your CV to increase your match rate to 80% or above. Some skills such as "organisational skills" or "attention to detail" commonly called "Soft Skills" are less likely to be searched for by recruiters, so they are weighted less in the match rate. We recommend focusing on the "Hard Skills" such as "Project Manager" or "Marketing Campaign" for example, and add the most relevant soft skills for the job.

The Highlighted skills feature shows the missing skills in context to visually see how these words are used in the job description.

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